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Brenda Frese, Head Coach University of Maryland Basketball (2006 National Champions; ACC Champions: 2009, 2012; Final Four 2014 and 2015; Big 10 Coach of the Year 2015, Big 10 Champions 2015; 2002 AP National Coach of the Year)

“We hired Stu Singer to work with our team and almost immediately saw it pay dividends. First and foremost, he’s someone you can trust. Secondly, we spend so much time on our player’s physical development, but sometimes that can’t flourish until they learn the necessary mental skills that help them deal with everything that can cloud their thought process. Once Stu starts working with them, it helps lift the fog that prevents players from seeing what’s really worth focusing on. I highly recommend that all athletes take advantage of Stu’s training if they are looking to truly maximize their potential”.

Kelyn Rowe, New England Revolution, US Men’s National Team Player Pool


I have trained all my life to get to where I am today, and have worked on all of the tools physically to succeed. However, I need to put all of those physical talents together consistently to go from good to great.  That is where the mental preparation with Stu comes in. Honing my focus on what I can control, keeping my emotions in check, and knowing the exact habits and behaviors that put me in position to be the best soccer player I can be are the mental skills that help me consistently grow my game.  It’s non-stop work to keep your attention on the things that you know make you your best, and that’s why I invest the time I do to the mental aspects of competing.  I highly recommend Stu’s coaching for anyone – youth to pros – that want to go to their next-level!


Cody Cropper, New England Revolution, US Men’s National Team Player Pool

The most critical lesson an athlete can learn is to sharpen their skills on and off the field. I have been an athlete and soccer player for nearly 25 years and have focused on the physical side of the game while expecting the mental side of it to just come with the territory. Over the past eight years as a professional athlete I have realized that doesn’t always happen and that you have to train the side of the game as much as you do every other aspect of your game, if not more. Stuart has provided me with the tools to sharpen my mental skills to enhance my athletic performance on the field. Additionally, the professionalism that Stuart has taught me through the various mental exercises are transferrable from my professional life to my personal life. Stuart has helped implement a handful of skills in my life that have enhanced my coaching by enabling me to pass along my knowledge of soccer to the younger generation. Furthermore, the mental maturity has benefited me with not only my teammates and coaches but in my personal life as well. For me, no matter your age level or mental state it is imperative that you develop and strengthen your mentality to be the best you that you can be on a daily basis. You are never too young to start developing the tools to handle any situation physically and mentally and Stuart has enabled me to develop the skills to take my game to the next level.

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Tiff Weimer, Washington Spirit (NWSL); Penn State University

Having worked with Stu on the mental aspects of my game has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career and one I wish made much earlier. I think if I had this type of influence when I was younger, I could have avoided some low lows and experienced more of the highs. His process has allowed me to make mental training a tangible aspect of my progression as a player. The sky is the limit for players to improve on the field if they start working off the field. While we are in an age of overtraining and overthinking, being able to improve as a player without moving from a chair is incredibly intriguing to me now. 




Kristin Confroy, University of Maryland Basketball (NCAA Final Four; NCAA Sweet Sixteen; 3 time Big 10 Champion; 2nd All-time in made three-pointers)

Working with Stu has undoubtedly changed my life. I met him during my first summer at the University of Maryland as a wide-eyed freshman, unsure of what I had gotten myself into. I was mentally weak and lacking confidence, both huge pieces of success at this level. Up to this point in my life, I had never been faced with such adversity and certainly had no tools to navigate through this. With so much pressure to perform on the basketball court and to accept my new role as a bench player with reduced playing time, I started to question my ability to successfully contribute based on my worth on the basketball court. I felt in over my head on the court, in the classroom, and in social situations with my peers and teammates. I became quiet, tentative. The more I focused on these things, the worse I felt. He stressed the importance of controlling what I can control. It took me some time to fully understand what a “controllable” was. In basketball terms, I thought making shots was a controllable; that if I worked hard, I would make shots. I quickly realized how far off track this thinking was. I could do everything right and still miss the shot – no one has ever found perfection on a basketball court! The true controllables were my communication, my work ethic, and my daily approach to everything that was placed before me. Little did I know that training my mind for basketball with Stu would help me in every aspect of my life. I found my approach to test preparation and building relationships with the people surrounding me improved beyond measure. Improving my perspective made me better equipped to handle the transition to college and high-level basketball. Now, as I face the transition to life after basketball and shift into medical school, I know that Stu’s teachings will stay with me. I will forever be grateful for him in my life as a great mentor and even better friend.

Katie Fowler, Assistant Director of Basketball Performance University of Maryland Basketball

“What Stu brings to the table from a sports psychology perspective has been tremendous in taking our player’s performance to the next level.  He completes our ‘athletic performance’ model, and we can now offer a complete training experience for our athletes utilizing his expertise in conjunction with our sports performance and nutrition programs.  Stu has the dynamic ability to connect with the players as a group, as well as impact them in a more focused one on one setting.  He has been an amazing addition to the program, and we are extremely fortunate to have him on our side.”

Brene Mosley, University of Maryland Basketball (ACC Champion; ACC All-Academic and All-Rookie Team; 2 time Big 10 Champion; 2 Final Fours; Big 10 6th Women of the Year; 1,000+ points and 400+ assists for career; Nancy Lieberman Award Finalist; 2016 WNBA 22nd Overall Pick – Indiana Fever)

“When I think about Stu Singer a feeling of joy comes upon my heart. Not for a specific moment that he did for me but more so just being himself. There is a genuine care about him that led me to jump in and work with him. As I reflect over my years at the University of Maryland, he is one highlight that will stick with me forever. The basic principles of respect and listening were the key components within our relationship. He valued my opinion and further more motivated me to value his. Those principles allowed our conversations to blossom into understanding, not just of myself, but others. I was able to grow my understanding of my own purpose and how I can positively impact the people around me. I am beyond thankful for Stu simply because he was human first and a sport psychologist second. His humanity got my attention, and his skill set within his profession kept it. For those who work with Stu now consider it a blessing, and those that don’t I highly suggest it. The day I humbled myself and looked at life as my teacher, was the day I found true peace and happiness. Stu encouraged the skill set of keeping a positive mind and my life has been fruitful ever since.”

Malina Howard, University of Maryland Basketball (2 Final Fours; 2 time Big 10 Conference Champion; Big 10 Academic All-Conference; Big 10 Sportsmanship Award; Big 10 Medal of Honor recipient; NCAA Elite 89 Award; Arthur Ashe Sports Scholar Award)

The mental side of the game – and life – is often something that is over looked. I wish I had started mental training long before college because the lessons I started learning and embodying my sophomore year would have been useful to already know prior. Everyone is different but I am a mental player and person. I think about everything and often over analyze things. Early on I was always trying and attempting to be a “mind reader” or attempting to “predict the future”. Always trying to figure out what others wanted and needed and pleasing everyone else. But what I have come to learn most is that you can’t be a mind reader or predict the future. FOCUS ON THE PRESENT. These four words have been key to helping with my success not only on the court but also in life in general. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Coach Stu throughout the last three years. I know that the growth that I have made as an individual is highly credited to the work that I have put in with the mental side of things. There are so many ups and down being a college athlete and being able to mentally withstand these trials allowed me to successfully and fully make it through the last 3 years at the University of Maryland. Being the best student-athlete possible means not only being physically strong but mentally strong.


Abigail Corning, Fordham University Women’s Basketball (Most Outstanding Player of the A10 Tournament; Co-captain; Academic All Conference and Second Team All Conference; Third Team All District and Allstate Good Works Team Nominee) said:

“Stu helped me bring my game to a whole new level.  He gave me the tools to be the best player and leader on and off the court.  He helped break the mental game down into particular focus areas where I could track my improvement each week.  Through my work with him, I became a more confident, trusting, and relaxed player and was able to play my best ball by the time my career was over.”

Katie Rutan, University of Maryland Women’s Basketball (1, 000+ points for career; University of Maryland record holder for made three-pointers for a single game)

Working this past year with Stu had a great impact on my senior year. He was able to challenge my mental game and keep me at a high level so I was performing at my optimal best. While repetition is key in basketball, its not only the physical repetition, but also the mental. I remember before warm ups in our Elite 8 game versus Louisville, Stu was able to come up to me and give key phrases that we had discussed all season. That helped me tremendously especially because as a senior in the back of your mind your preparing for the end of your career. Stu was able to make those thoughts exit my mind and completely engage to the now. He was a key to me having a successful senior season to cap off my college career.

Alyssa Lang, Rice University Basketball

Since my sophomore year of high school, I have battled performance anxiety. My anxiety would be intense to the point that it kept me from being able to perform at the level that I expected of myself. I tried several methods to reduce the stress that would consume my thoughts and physically make me sick. Upon starting my senior year of college basketball, I wanted to conclude my basketball career on a high note, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to because of the way I let my nervousness consume me. After talking to my coach about my anxiety, she had me start working with Stu. I was a little skeptical, but I felt like I had tried everything and was willing to give anything a shot to help me reach my goals for my senior year. After meeting with Stu for a couple weeks, I saw a drastic change in ability to cope with anxiety. I learned how to train my mind to focus on what I needed to get done, as opposed to fearing mistakes I had made in the past and fearing mistakes I might make in the future. Not only did Stu help me overcome the anxiety that was consuming my life, he helped me to have fun playing the sport I love so much. The techniques that Stu taught me not only helped me to have an amazing senior basketball career, but strategies I will use for the rest of my life when dealing with stressful situations. I highly recommend working with Stu to any athlete that wants to maximize their performance!

Michael Cordas, DO, FAOASM, FAAFP Medical Director and Michael Sweger, LAT, ATC Program Coordinator – PinnacleHealth Sports Medicine

“We had the privilege to have Stuart Singer present at our sports medicine conference. Stu spoke to our audience of physicians and certified athletic trainers on the topic of “The Psychology Behind Injury Rehabilitation: Understanding the Mind-Body influence”. His discussion and advice to all in attendance was superb. He provided many takeaways that the clinicians could implement into their treatment of their athletes. His reference to the connection of the body and mind in optimizing the treatment outcomes was very detailed and convincing. His method of presentation and communication with the audience maintained interest and stimulated discussion afterward. Stu is extremely knowledgeable and professional in the field of Sports Psychology. We were very fortunate to be able to have him participate in our program and we will look forward to any opportunity to work with him in the future.”

Phil Silva, Director of Shamrock Soccer Academy and Head Coach Bishop Feehan Girls Soccer said:

“We have had the opportunity to have Stu speak to our soccer academy players and our high school players at Bishop Feehan High School over the past several years.  Stu does an excellent job discussing athlete motivation and mental performance.  As a former player and coach his talks use real life examples that coaches and players can relate to, which provides the participants with valuable insight into the mindset of a high performing athlete.  I would highly recommend using Stu’s services to coaches, parents, and players!”