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Our idea is to be proactive and preventative in your total athletic performance training.  Instead of waiting for an issue to arise our focus is to implement solid mental performance fundamentals that the athlete uses as a base for all of their performance and training.  While most coaches and athletes believe that “performance is 90% mental” very few coaches or athletes ever put in even 10% of their training time to the mental side of their conditioning.  While the goal is to be proactive we also understand that there are circumstances where an athlete may already have a mental performance obstacle that they are struggling to overcome, and in these cases our expertise can help get the athlete back on track – this could include a slump, an injury, or negative performance thoughts.

“Resilient, confident athletes are winners.  Our core belief is that to truly maximize an athlete’s ability you must condition the mind as well as the body.”  A simple thought, but how do we do it?

We approach each player differently, and identify the button to push for each of them.  Once we’ve pinpointed the need of the individual, we work on specific skills in order to take them to their next level, or to break through previous performance barriers.  Many times the athlete comes to us completely unaware of the obstacles and limitations they’ve been placing on themselves, or that they have the power to change these self-limiting thoughts.

WellPerfomance recognizes the importance and power of learning mental performance techniques that will give the athlete the skills needed to focus, bounce back from a loss or adversity, gain “mental toughness”, and the “mental edge” that it takes to compete at your highest ability level. There are a tremendous number of “stressors” that an athlete is confronted with and expected to respond effectively to over the course of the season, during practices, or most importantly during competition.  Learning these skills are as essential to success as learning the basic physical and tactical fundamentals of the sport you participate in.

Our Total 90 Mental Performance Training for Athletes is focused on giving you the “90% mental” skills edge.  We teach you the skills, and then we practice, review, and refine them much the same way your coach develops your sport specific skills.

Kelyn72616I have trained all my life to get to where I am today, and have worked on all of the tools physically to succeed. However, I need to put all of those physical talents together consistently to go from good to great.  That is where the mental preparation with Stu comes in. Honing my focus on what I can control, keeping my emotions in check, and knowing the exact habits and behaviors that put me in position to be the best soccer player I can be are the mental skills that help me consistently grow my game.  It’s non-stop work to keep your attention on the things that you know make you your best, and that’s why I invest the time I do to the mental aspects of competing.  I highly recommend Stu’s services for anyone – youth to pros – that want to go to their next-level!  – Kelyn Rowe, New England Revolution


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